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Flower Essences

Flower essences are tinctures of liquid consciousness, and stored within them is an evolutionary force, the life force itself shaped to a particular pattern depending on the signature of a particular plant and/or flower. 

Gem Elixirs

Unique to Pegasus as with the making of many of our elixirs, the sunlight passes through a field of stimulated xenon gas before reaching the water. This helps to remove properties that are not life enhancing.

Rose Essences

Flower essences adjust the flow of consciousness and karma that create the disease state. They influence the subtle bodies and ethereal properties of the anatomy and then gradually influence the physical body.

Starlight Elixirs

Rare gas devices are used to eliminate the possibility of negative thought-form contamination. The resulting mixture is placed within a light-proof container. Pure grain alcohol is added as a natural preservative.

Our Promise To You

Made With Love

We consciously make our products with love, care and gratitude. We are honored to be part of the collective's healing journey.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your growth, healing and satisfaction are our goal. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you in full.

Vibrationally Potent

Our remedies are amplified under a copper pyramid before shipping to your door to ensure that they arrive in a high vibratory state.

Our Top Sellers

Pegasus Since 1981

Pegasus Products has been in existence since 1981. The original Caretaker was Gurudas, author of some of the most influential books on vibrational healing and the uses of flower remedies and gem elixirs.

Fred Rubenfeld took on the role of Caretaker for Pegasus Products in 1987.  He owned an apothecary in Manhattan, met Gurudas along the way, and agreed to move to Colorado to make Pegasus Products his life’s work.  For three decades Fred was instrumental in gathering and disseminating information and frequencies relating to Starlight Elixirs as well as other vibrational tools available here

Working with Vibrational Remedies

Be sure to set your program (through visualization, affirmation, or prayer). This is best done prior to taking the elixir or while it stays in your mouth or hands for a few moments.

Thoughts, feelings or realizations may come to the surface of your consciousness as part of the awakening, healing, or transformational process. Do not ignore them, as it is important to process all of these revelations to successfully transit into a more balanced and healthy reality.

It is a Universal Law that whenever you ask for help of a more integrated being that they will give it. This is the basis of the power of prayer. So, for better understanding of your personal process, you can always ask your guides for greater clarity and assistance. You can reach out to the Angelic Kingdom for help.

There are special Angels for assisting with automobiles, airplanes, healing, and many other activities. It is always wise to ask for their participation.

When taking various remedies, one can always turn to particular Devas of flowers or stones to assist you. While using Starlight Elixirs there are many multi-dimensional beings with a benevolent or loving disposition towards Humanity, who are available to assist, even in a way that might be considered miraculous.

There are times that the awakening or healing process can be joyful, thought-provoking or even shocking. If you feel the need to become detached, do so.

The key to the Alivement process is the willingness to look at some deeply buried emotions or thoughts that will allow them to surface and be transmuted. By removing these submerged thoughts and feelings, there is no need for them to physicalize into disease, drama, financial distress, or emotional imbalance.

This is the reason for using vibrational healing, which, as the ultimate preventative medicine, diminishes the need to create the illness in order to receive self-awareness.

As part of the healing process, there may be some slight cleansing reactions. These can be in the form of dark thoughts and emotions surfacing, disturbed sleep, tiredness, anxiety, skin or excretory discharge, even excess energy.

Some things to pay attention to are the reflections appearing in your life. New people or situations may appear in order to speed up your process of self-realization. Pay close attention to all change in “normal” life patterns, for this may be your guides’ (Higher Self’s) way of showing you the inner truth of what it is that you need to understand.

Each one of us has a rich following of beings from other lifetimes, guides or members of our Soul Family who are totally prepared to support us through our journeys with great love and patience.

Legend of Pegasus

Pegasus was a beautiful winged horse who sprang from the body of Medusa when she was slain by the hero Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae. Spreading out his wings he immediately flew to the top of Mount Olympus, where he was received with delight and admiration by all the immortals. A place in his palace was assigned to him by Zeus, who employed him to carry his thunder and lightning. 

The later poets represent Pegasus as being at the service of the Muses, and for this reason he is more celebrated in modern times than in antiquity. He would appear to represent that poetical inspiration, which tends to develop one’s higher nature, and causes the mind to soar heavenwards. The only mention by the ancients of Pegasus in connection with the Muses, is the story of his having produced with his hoofs, the famous fountain Hippocrene.

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