Frequently Asked Questions

How do vibrational remedies work?

Flower essences and gem elixirs have been used by many cultures for thousands of years and are powerful balancers which are healing to your entire being. They are being used today by bodyworkers, therapists, homeopathic practitioners, acupuncturists, business people, astrologers, scientists and all individuals concerned with growth and self realization.

All things in life have an energetic component. This component, at it’s highest spiritual capacity, has the ability to create change for other life forms. This energetic ingredient is placed within water, which has the capacity to retain energetic patterns for an indefinite period of time. Alcohol or vegetable glycerine is used as an energetic preservative. Products that were made more than ten years previously, still have a beneficial impact.

How are these products used?

They can be taken internally, a few drops under the tongue, in a glass of liquid, sprayed on/around the aura, in a room, or in combination with other liquid therapies or in a bath. More detailed information is provided later in this catalog.

What can one expect from taking a few drops of one of the remedies?

For some, after taking one drop, there will be significant shift. For others, a more lengthy regimen will be needed. This timing is not something we could promise or guarantee. It depends on your readiness to shift a particular pattern. This is experienced in many different ways.

Is there any danger in using these products?

There could be a healing crisis or the appearance of too rapid a shift for someone. This could look like an increase of energy, temporary sleep difficulties, a skin rash, or a speeding up of the process of drawing to you the lessons needed for self-awareness. These are not pharmaceutical products with a long list of potential side effects. If the change is too rapid, reduce the dose or the frequency of taking the products. If there is a level of un-groundedness that is unwanted, neon elixir can be used to counteract that feeling or even the combination #120, called Grounding.

Are these products approved by the FDA?

These products are considered a food product. Therefore, the FDA has jurisdiction over the labels of these products, which they have found in compliance and have approved. The local health department has found manufacturing practices acceptable.

How are Pegasus gem and flower elixirs made?

Pegasus products are the result of prayer and spiritual guidance. After a thorough cleansing (when appropriate), quality flowers and gems, with their agreement, are placed in distilled water and exposed to sunlight for a specific period of time.

When the sun strikes the substance in the distilled water, the life force, signature and consciousness of the mineral or plant is melded into the water. Water has the innate ability to hold and store vibrations for a very long time. This life force is transferred to people as they assimilate these vibrational remedies.

Sound, light, pyramid and inert gas technologies are utilized to increase strength and effectiveness. Unique to Pegasus Products, the sunlight passes through a field of stimulated xenon gas before reaching the water. This helps to remove energetic properties within the sunlight that are not life enhancing.

We bottle the essences in a centered and conscious manner. All of our products are further charged and amplified underneath a special geometric structure before being shipped to you.

How are Pegasus star elixirs made?

In the simplest terms, by modifying a relatively-sophisticated telescope through the addition/modification of silver-coated mirrors, the energy pattern of each star becomes available.

A quartz bottle filled with distilled water is suspended directly in front of the eyepiece. The telescope has a clock-drive device that enables it to follow a particular star as it moves and keeps it centered within the telescope’s viewing field.

An interesting pattern of starlight is revealed within the bottle of water (as in a three-dimensional viewing screen). Rare (inert) gas devices are used to eliminate the possibility of negative thought-form contamination. The resulting mixture is placed within a light-proof container. Pure grain alcohol is added as a preservative for this fine, delicate energy.

Are wholesale discounts available?

Yes, discounts are offered to stores, healing centers, and mail order businesses. We also offer a discount to health practitioners who earn their livelihood through their practice. A business card and/or license is required, as well as a minimum order.

Does Pegasus ship products to other countries?

We do send orders overseas. In fact a good deal of our business is to people in other countries. For further information, call or email us.