Below you will find stories, experiences, opinions and testimonials from our wonderful customers. Our goal is to gather as much anecdotal evidence as possible. 

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I am forever deeply greatfull to my angels / messengers in my life that in the end of 1990s I came in contact with the Greatest book: Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing! Do not carry on living without reading it.
Mari-Aton Jalkanen
Stress therapist - Stockholm, Sweden, Europe
Pegasus have a vast difference in my life I'm so grateful...
Mary Lorenz
Healer - Goodrich Michigan
I have been using Disconnect and Clear Energy in my daily life to clear my energy and to clear spaces and crystals. I love having such effective tools to help me keep things clear and feeling good. Thank you and many blessings to the Pegasus crew
Caro Evans
I have used Pegasus Products for years. I am especially drawn to the star elixirs. I have settled on certain favorites, particularly Wisdom and Joy. I find them to be a significant addition in my life and a beautiful boost to my vibration. Often, in certain circumstance, the results are startling in a positive way.. I intend to continue to make them part of my life moving forward.
Ken Kaplan
Consultant - Pennsylvania USA
I began using vibrational essences in 1978 and have studied and used the Bach Flower Remedies as well as the Perelandra, Pegasus and others. I have the utmost confidence in the quality and the efficacy of the Pegasus essences. I have used the flowers, minerals, starlight, and inert gases for many years and was fortunate to have consulted with Fred when he was at the helm.
Tarra Light
Reiki Master - Oregon, USA
Hi, my name is David S. and I have been using Pegasus products for over 20 years now. I have to say that these products have made an inestimable difference in my life, I know that I have been helped by them to great effect.I feel that my health has been positively affected by my use of these products I have used these products for my own soul growth and exploration of issues, as well as because some of them provide feelings of well-being and happiness. I appreciate and am grateful to Pegasus for all that these products do, as well as for the helpful and friendly customer service that I always receive.
David Sarff
Artist - San Diego
I started with Pegsus when I was 35yrs old I was depressed and felt soul tired. Pegasus became a way of life for me, a way to heal that soul tiredness. Bonus was my life became better and better.. I am now 68 yrs old and am so grateful to have Pegasus Products in my life.
Solpower, NY
I love the Pegasus Essences superior quality, and they are so very effective. As a Flower Essence Practitioner of many years, I trust this company to provide products that will work with beautiful results. Their products are timely and address much of the current malaise humans are dealing with these days. Highly recommended!
Patricia Davis
Flower Essence Practitioner - Asheville, NC
I've been a customer of Pegasus Products since the mid 80's and can't say enough about the elixirs and essences that this company produces. I feel that these vibrational preparations have played a key role in my growth, healing and learning and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. I have a little over 150 different Pegasus Products in my vibrational apothecary and find that rarely a day goes by where I'm not working with something. Two thumbs way up Pegasus!
John Elmore
I am taking Mugwart, Mate and Macartney Rose in the past several months. Due to stage 4 cancer, my doctor told me that there was nothing they could do. Thus, I look for something that could ease my pain and recover by a natural force. And I found these flower essences; Mugwart, Mate, and MaCarteny Rose. Once I started to take them, they somehow ease my pain and revive my natural energy. I will definitely continue taking them.
I have been using flower essences for over 20 years, most of which came from Pegasus. I've used them in my massage practice, providing an additional support mechanism for clients with more emotional issues, or "stuck" physical issues. I have also used them extensively for my own benefit. One of the best stories is while working as a horticultural technician I was developing some repetitive strain issues in my arms and elbows, and my hands were pretty stressed. I did modify my work habits some but also started using Big and Strong each day and experienced wonderful results! Much better coordination and strength. I had used it before with yoga practice and found it to be quite useful. It doesn't give you "super human" strength, but feels like it redirects energy where needed. Powerful stuff. Another great story is using Success Spray while doing job interviews. I truly feel that this, plus sincere, specific intentions, helped land the particular jobs I was wanting. I think all the essence sprays are very useful in many different situations. The descriptions are helpful in choosing the right one. Pegasus offers a wide range of great products, and I am happy to be a long standing customer.
Julianne Vander Meulen
LMT, CYT - Iowa, USA
I've been using Pegasus products in my personal meditation practice and recommending them to my clients for some time. I am continually amazed at the amount of variety available and that you can find a product to support pretty much anything you need help with. I am an Intuitive Channel and Integrative Healer and find that vibrational medicine is the way of the future. I love the care taken to create these products and am grateful to have found them!
Katie Sutton
CEO of Zen Within Academy - North Carolina, United States
I've been using Pegasus elixirs for at least fifteen years, and I've bought at least fifteen different preparations. I truly believe that I would not be where I am today, in terms of personal and spiritual development and growth, without Pegasus. Pegasus is a highly ethical company with very committed staff and extraordinary products, and I would be comfortable recommending them to anyone!
Margaret Lubahn
I have been blessed with Pegasus for about 5 years now. I can honestly say that this has helped me in alot of ways with different products. I can honestly say that because of Pegasus products it has helped enhance a few things spiritually for me. For me I will be using these for my entire journey. Thank you so much for always
Melissa B
New York
I've used several Pegasus Products over the years, the one that's been most useful was the Uranus/Catalytic change elixer which helped me take a major but uncomfortable leap in the interest of bettering my life.
Lisa Jurgens
Minnesota, USA
The products offered by Pegasus support that deep Work that dredges the sediment and makes the Waters cloudy. Enter at this point, Pegasus products to help the Waters become settled. I've been doing this deep Work for 10 years and have only realized this year that it is never going to end and that is the point of life. I anticipate a long-term partnership with Pegasus to help me when I need clarity.
Z. Candace
The products are amazing and they work as described, may be even more that that. The variety of the products fit any need that there is. Be ready to receive for that what you are asking or looking for and start to act upon it with faith ;). Lots of love !
Vira Buchkovska
Lifecoach - Belgium
The Cardiovascular elixir really has helped me with my cardiac issues. I have been using your essences and elixirs for years! Love them! Thank you!
Gamalia Pharms
When I first started Pegasus I was 35 years old. I was depressed and felt soul tired, The essences became a way of life because I realized that I was starting to feel better about life and myself. I am now 68 years old and seeing the results of the changes over the years and am grateful for the essences.
Sharon Elizabeth
New York
I have worked with Flower Essences for more than 20 years and since I discovered the Works that Gurudas (and his wonderful books) and Pegasus made, these took my use of Flower Essences to the next level. I also want to thank you for the piramids we could buy a long time ago and that I still Use everyday. Maybe one day we'll find them again on your site... Flowers are my friends and Pegasus is the Flowers friend
Wilfrid Laure
Floritherapist - Ibiza,Balearic Islands,Spain
I have found that longtime use of the Starlight Elixirs for me seems to facilitate an almost physical awareness of the stellar realms surrounding us, When I meditate after taking the elixirs I sometimes experience a three-dimensional sense of the encircling space and stellar bodies, it is really quite fantastic! I have also noticed an increasing awareness of the star energies I’m utilizing as distinct flavors of consciousness, an almost living energy. I feel that my subtle senses are somehow more refined, I have a new sense of energy/consciousness that I attribute to use of these essences. I am very happy to have discovered this unique product, I feel it can be a valuable tool for anyone interested in exploring subtle energies and some of the greater etheric realms we are imbedded within.
Temujin Johns
Carlsbad, California
I love Pegasus Products! They have the largest selection, including rare and unusual essences and elixirs. I've been using them for 30 years.
A. Victoria
I choose which essences of Pegasus Products to use for my clients their muscular reflex in Kinesiology therapies from a list. So I read descriptions of each essences after selection has made. Almost every time it's amazing surprise or even making us laugh, because the descriptions correspond somewhat too directory to the theme of the day. Dosage bottles made with Pegasus Products essences are also many clients' favorite. Some clients come back to sessions mainly for getting new bottle. Sometimes they finish a bottle in a week, while I made it for a month. Pegasus Products essences support my therapy sessions and my clients so much that I cannot imagine how shall I do without them. Try them, you'd never regret that.
Kana Tanuma
Kinesiologist - Tokyo, Japan
I have been using Pegasus Products for over 20 years. I have found them to be PROFOUND in their affects. I do a lot of intellectual projects, and have found Forget Me Not to be amazing. The starlight Deneb has opened many doors of awareness and opportunities. The inert gas devices are also very powerful. Pegasus is at least one hundred years ahead of our time. I highly recommend Pegasus to anyone who is searching for answers to their life's questions or who want to enhance their lives.
Leo Krohmer
Where do I start??? I love the money spray. It really helped me release whatever blockages I have on me in regards to money. I work for myself and I noticed that every time I use the money spray I would get a call a client a customer or a great idea for business. I don't know what's in that spray but it's well-made. It took me about two months to finish the bottle I only needed a little when I needed it. I want to say thank you thank you and bless you again.
Kheru DeFontes
Herbalist - New York City
Pegasus essence is the best. You have to feel the effect.
Yukiko I.
I do not believe I would be the person I am today without flower essences!
Barbara U.
Professor - USA
I have been using the gem and flower elixers from pegasus products for 40 years and they have had a profound and lasting impact on my health and well being, I am so greatfull for Gurudas, Fred, and the those who are carrying on this great work !
Kevin Hart
Since 1991 that I started using the Pegasus products, there has been not a single day without their healing, enlightening and consciousness-expanding presence in my life. Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel for having met this awesome company. I wish Pegasus to continue its great work and to touch and transform more and more people's lives as it has done with mine
Marina Angeli
Professor - USA
For many years, I have used Pegasus Products and this started when Fred was in Colo. So, decade later still placing orders and followed Pegasus to Calif. with new Proprietor. I am placing an order today.
Sandra Applequist
United States
Pegasus makes some of the most potent vibrational remedies available. My absolute preference for highly transformational vibrational remedies.
Raquel Griffin
I unknowingly have been enjoying Pegasus Products through Siddha cell salts+flower essences (which have been incredibly beneficial to me, my entire life has changed since working with them!) and stumbled upon this incredible company and resource looking for Venus Fly Trap essence. I've been working with gem and flower essences on myself for about 2 years now. I've come to realize that the taking and application of essences is really an intention that launches itself to shape your future so I'm looking forward to the how and when the essences I've purchased will assist me in my path. Currently I'm feeling very good about them. I can feel the energetic shifts throughout my physical body. I've purchased 4th Chakra- Divine Love, Venus Flytrap, an Combo 026 to work with this go round and alignment and specifically heart-centered alignment are my goals for the time being. Though I don't know the how and when I just know these essences are doing what they are meant to. These are incredible resources, I'm so lucky I've found Pegasus and I am sure to be a customer throughout my life going forward!
Devon Knight
I believe flower essences are a tool to help us remember who we truly are. They help lift the density that surrounds us so we can step back into alignment and live our life purpose. Can we do it on our own, absolutely, but flower essences are a great help. They help us be the brightest and best version of ourselves!
Michelle Roark
Denver, CO