Friend Referral Guide

Thank you for your interest in referring people you know to Pegasus. 

Pegasus has grown almost entirely through word of mouth, which we really like. It allows us to stay off of social media and connect with likeminded people through personal relationships.

Our intention with this program is to give back to you (who have already been referring people to us all these years) and to encourage further sharing of the essences and elixirs.

Below we have laid out a step by step guide for how the whole process works.

The basic idea is that you send someone (who has never shopped at Pegasus Products before) a referral code via email, facebook, twitter or whatsapp and once their order has been placed, your account is credited.

They receive a $15 credit (equal to a free flower/gem essence) and you receive a $11 credit  for each person referred. This credit is automatically applied to your next order and can be combined with other coupons and discounts such as sale offers and practitioner discounts. 

Step 1: You will need to create an account . If you already have one, login to your account and skip to step 3.

If you have not created an account since we made the new website, you will need to create one now. The accounts from the old site no longer exist. 

For those who need to create an account, click ‘My Account’ towards the top right of the website or use the links in the lines above.

Step 2: Create an account by entering your email address and choosing a password. You can also subscribe to the newsletter, but chances are if you are reading this, you are already subscribed.

Step 3: Once you have registered a new account or logged into your existing account, using the column menu to the left, navigate to the tab ‘Referrals’. 

Then, click on the text ‘Refer a friend here.’ 

Step 4: To refer friends, you can use the email field provided by entering up to five emails at a time, or you can follow the social media links at the top to share that way. You are not limited in how many people you can refer, simply send your five emails and re-navigate to this page to send more. 

Once a referred person  has placed their order, your account will be credited at $11/ referral. You can check in on your credit by navigating back to your account and clicking on the ‘Referrals’ tab.

We have to confirm each referral  individually, so don’t be alarmed if the credit does not appear in your account immediately after the person has placed the order. 

Your credit will be automatically applied to your next order during checkout.

If you encounter any issues or questions during the process, please do not hesitate to contact us. For the fastest response, please email us.

Thank you for sharing the essences and elixirs with your friends!