Animal Elixirs

Combinations of flowers, gems and elements are geared to multiple animal species—those of our pets as well as livestock. We have a special honor in caring for these beings as well as in understanding our own animal natures. In many cases, our animals that are experiencing distress are reflecting back to us our own conditions or places that we hold in denial. Therefore, not only should we administer these elixirs to the animal; but we should take them as well. This will help to reveal, even more dramatically, our interconnectedness with them and with all things. The elixirs can be applied in their water, sprayed on, or the drops can be placed in your palms and you can then move your hands along their auric fields or massage it into them. For some animals, putting a few drops under their tongues is quite simple. Essences are given to household pets of all kinds, as well as those in the wild such as larger cats, whales, dolphins, elephants, and others. Tune into the spirit of the animal for further guidance.