Mariposa Lily (Calochortus catalinae) – Enhanced Awareness

During the death and dying process, one can have awareness of powerful places in which the soul has made choices. These choices often relate to energies held in past lives as they now come in as a memory or a distraction during the process of letting go of the physical body, these overlays or imprints have greater and greater effect. In understanding this, clarifying it, sorting it out, organizing it, working with it, this lily has much benefit. Hence a way of receiving past life information in the way in which it is relevant to your own understanding of your projection into your future of your next life when you think of where you are going, of what will happen to you after you die, and you become aware of the energies as they can work into other realms and realities. This can sometimes be a helpful tool of course in working with other people, the hospice process, death and dying process, other things, but the importance here is not so much the physical or even emotional, it is the understanding of the sense of what this means, the larger reality, the multidimensionality, the awareness of the continuity and focus into what is possible, and valuable energies that can be worked with in many different ways. Gradually one has a larger perspective on all of this to the point that one becomes more fully consciously aware of every moment, a sense of gratitude or repeated awe or positive thankfulness for each sense of being alive, of having a physical body, of interacting with other people; this sense may awaken as a sort of gratitude for the multidimensional existence, and this would be helpful.


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