A Message From Our Friends Erkki & Leena

Warm greetings from Smiling Stars. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland and is run by Erkki Lehtiranta and Leena Niemelä. For the last 25 years we have been working with vibrational remedies, spiritual astrology, teaching, and publishing books and recordings. Erkki’s book on Universal Laws and Spiritual Progress came out in English in the beginning of 2019. He has written 12 books on different spiritual topics and has a wide international clientele as a spiritual astrologer.

We started our cooperation with Pegasus and our friend, the late Fred Rubenfeld in the mid 1990’s. We invited Fred to Finland a couple of times for seminars and workshops, where we could share a lot of ideas regarding the different uses of vibrational medicine. Wa also have edited, translated and published Fred’s groundbreaking book on the hidden history of our Solar System. Perhaps this amazing book finds its way to be published in English, too.

The huge collection of vibrational remedies provided by Pegasus has been of a great help and inspiration in our work in combining essences with e.g. astrological cycles and karmic issues. Also the noble gases by Pegasus have been of great interest in our work.

We are very happy to carry on our collaboration with the new Pegasus incarnation. To us this Trans-Atlantic link is both exciting and practical and we are looking forward to make it mutually rewarding.

 With Love,


Erkki Lehtiranta & Leena Niemelä