Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris) – Vibrational Shift

This star is excellent for anyone actually suffering from some physical affliction, for its curative vibrations are able to penetrate all of the various bodies of the human being.(Tapestry by M.C. Cooke) The proximity of this star and the brightness of it are both symbolic to tell people that the transformation of the physical body is of great importance at this time. The underlying message is that the physical vehicle is the place to begin, and its brightness is simply to remind you of this. On the highest level of such work, there is energy for the ability of the person to shift vibration — to change the vibration of the physical body to match better that of the spirit, to be able to change the vibration to higher dimensional levels. Using this elixir, one can observe significantly enhanced communication between the subtle bodies. Communication will tend to be enhanced between the physical and etheric bodies. This can be of benefit when healers are working with any level of what may be called sympathetic, empathic, or symbiotic healing. In such cases, there is a clear recommendation for use of this starlight elixir so that they are able to rectify the problem in themselves quickly. At a higher spiritual level, the deeper meaning of a disease is likely to emerge. This can be an aspect of some level of denial, difficulty in working out one's lessons in the world, some aspect of the personality misunderstood, or even some information from a past not fully received. In working with this star, subtle bodies therefore provide a different perspective for the individual and give them a better idea of the missing component in that life's lesson; or, in more powerful cases, the aspects denied in the person. One must actively seek this, however.


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