Zodiac Elixirs

The Zodiac Elixirs have been formulated to support the positive vibratory energies of each of the signs of the Zodiac. They also add consciousness to the so-called negative traits as well as to the potential soul opportunities for self-actualization. Each formula contains metals, gem elixirs, and flower essences that resonate with the qualities of each Zodiac sign (the exception being the inclusion of the gas argon in the Aries mixture). Starlight Elixirs, made from the important stars that occur within each of the constellations, are also included in the combinations. Planet elixirs were purposely left out of these formulas, for there can be a significant difficult aspect in someone’s chart that could cause a minor crisis when accentuating that planet’s energy within a formula. If that is the case with your chart, you can use the planet elixir sparingly, less frequently, or at a homeopathic dilution to relieve such a condition.