M29 (Star Cluster in Cygnus Milky Way) – Encouragement

This elixir can engender a deep sense of appreciation for life. In some ways it can lead to gratefulness, but in other ways it leads to a sense within oneself, as if a deep appreciation of the cells of the body, or of a sense of ones own inner personality and how it can be best placed in the world. Although this can lead to a sense of patience for some people, most generally it will be excitement, as if suddenly there is a wonderful new way of seeing things that had previously been ignored, even though it is of course simply an energy that they had already known. Working with this over and over, one can have a repeated sense of awe or wonder, or a way of seeing oneself beautifully and lovingly. This broadcasting of encouragement for deeper connectivity is also an important attribute that Earth people can receive from working with M29.It may be especially helpful for those who feel discouraged, not able so easily to connect with other people, feeling as if they are somehow separated; to understand that there is an underlying encouragement and a sense of this deeper appreciation, can be helpful for such individuals.


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