M100 (Large Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices) – Being-ness

M100 is as if a tribute to existence, a place to allow some sense of being-ness. Those who are involved in letting go of thought, coming to a place of emptiness and awakening, more of the sense of inner being-ness, will do well to use M100; but they will understand through this that they are connected to all beings, to many aspects of existence.All forms of creativity would be enhanced because the underlying energy is an energy as if of God to know itself, as if of existence to understand why it exists. This is of course a paradox and difficult to understand when spoken in such way, but the very nature of M100 helps one resolve this because there is the feeling inside that existence is good, that there is something about it that is inherently that which provides a deeper understanding, evolution, and awareness; and this understanding can also be useful to others.


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Weight2.86 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in