M28 – Akashic Memories

M28 is a highly energetic region being utilized by a variety of civilizations for accumulation of data relating back to the Akashic records, understanding of all that has been and all that will be. Such a powerful manifestation requires large data space, but this is held in several areas of the universe.

The particular function of M28 is to utilize that energy for the development of energies for people who wish to simulate and work out their potential in future lives, the development of the Akashic energies for that of a practical manifestation of another lifetime. These are utilized by most of the civilizations where reincarnation is widely practiced; this is a minority of the intelligent civilizations in your galaxy, and indeed throughout the universe, but it is of significance because so many associated with the human life stream are involved in the process of reincarnation, not only the people, but those involved with this as guides, helpers, and others, have in many cases some deliberate personal contact with their own past lives, and the idea of having past lives and working through them.

What it really means of course is that the consciousness changes dramatically as the vehicle holding it changes dramatically, moving from a three dimensional physical vehicle into a higher dimensional non-physical vehicle, and then back again, tends to add certain qualities and strip away certain others. In the meantime, as people work with this elixir, they can come to a deeper appreciation of their own capacity to understand a higher truth as it evolves into their awareness in this life that they can take with them into the intermissive, into the next life, and the next, and the next.

The development of these inner truths can be difficult, they can sometimes seem to be in opposition to other truths in your life, but to hold them or receive them at any level will generally be quite helpful.


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