M19 (Globular Cluster, in Ophiuchi) – Overcoming Obstacles

Energy from this cluster provides an ability to learn from the negativity, from the struggle, from the issues, from what is difficult. A good thing to consider while utilizing M19 essence is the question: What is right about it? This can help bring forth the sense of the perfection, the potential benefit in any aspect of negativity or struggle. This ability to draw forth from it its positive qualities is enhanced when utilizing M19 elixir with a meditation. M19 however also allows individuals a brief period of inner training, perhaps lasting for a half hour or 45 minutes at most.After taking the essence, one might focus for a time on a specific attunement to feel grounded or connected to Mother Earth, or connected to ones family or to ones soul. This can be of value when you are preparing for a potentially difficult or stressful situation. Thus as you imagine the situation, you maintain contact or attunement to a vibrational energy that you know as positive, uplifting, or in some way strengthening.


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