Sterling Silver Rose (silvery, lavender color) – Law of Reflection

This rose has some interesting and helpful properties for individuals working out issues in relationship, and especially understanding more deeply and consciously every aspect of the law of reflection. This can allow them to understand the true nature of this in a very direct, almost inner way. This is particularly difficult as the law of reflection demands that one take a different perspective, seeing things from other points of view, contemplating energies by symbolic means. As above so below, as within so without; in all ways that the outside would seem then as a symbol or reflection of the inside, one would tend to hold a dualistic point of view. This isn’t the law of reflection, but rather the law of opposite expression, and so the dualism here is immediately released on first utilization of Sterling Silver rose. The higher consciousness aspects begin to awaken, and as the seventh chakra wakes up and as higher energies begin to come in, the sense of love as a natural part of a blending of those apparent opposites, the outside and inside, or the above and the below, the hidden aspect and the obvious aspect; this love tending then to bridge these, to help individuals receive this as an inner nature. As they awaken to these energies, a deeper acceptance of themselves and deeper acceptance of others naturally takes place, along with many realizations, string after string of them are possible. The essence will assist many to recognize judgement towards others as an external expression of inner judgement.


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