Reine des Violettes Rose (cerise then violet) – Loving Will

Reine de Violets is a fascinating plant that provides many interesting and stimulating qualities to connect to higher levels of consciousness and a deep understanding of God, direct to one’s heart. The elixir can assist one to have the sense of a powerful loving presence, to be able to feel it as it helps you connect to your fellow men and women, aspects of the Earth, characteristics and properties of plants, animals, things that tend to be natural and easy to work with. It allows a sense of forgiveness, a will to find that forgiveness. Will, as it is manifested in the heart, can be a very powerful, helpful, encouraging sensation that energizes and strengthens many characteristics in the physical body. To direct this, to use it in a way that is most appropriate can be difficult for many individuals because the way in which they have been shown by their society may tend towards competitiveness, or is based on issues such as scarcity, struggle, or various habit patterns from humanity. It is as if, when utilizing this beautiful violet rose, the essence enables an individual to stop all of this, to switch it off for a moment, and instead to receive, as if directly available, energy from God. This energy as a spiritual force, strengthened or attuned with Reine de Violets, helps them to find or sense a higher energy as a true guiding light, a true path of awareness and awakening.


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