Double Delight Rose – Understanding Love

Double Delight Rose (Hybrid Tea Rose) — Understanding Love

This rose is very helpful for those who are seeking to transform their ability to love. Initially this will be helpful for many individuals beginning a spiritual path that they are brought to as they begin to contemplate the difference between personal love and universal love, or conditional and unconditional love. Yet as they come to this it takes them on a powerful journey, helping them to understand themselves better, to let go of previous ideas about the nature of love, to find it in ways that did not even seem possible before.

Oftentimes this rose will convey to the individual the sense that they have received a gift and yet they do not know what it is. This sense that something new has been added but they don’t know what it is can persist even for months or even a few years; and the point of it is to note and ask where in my ability to love has something been added? Where in my ability to receive love has something been added? Various roses have been developed by different civilizations at different times, many of these died out as a species. One that was quite similar to this was widely utilized in ancient Greece at time in which it was necessary for the Greek civilization to develop a deeper understanding of love, and as a result there was much stimulation at the looking at three forms: Eros, and of course pathos, and agape.

These three forms of love, that which could be seen as personal or erotic, that which could be seen as brotherly or connected to family, and that which could be seen as connected to God, to that which was larger than life. These aspects were widely discussed, understood; but ultimately just stepping back from it, just feeling it, just being aware of it, this was the real answer. This is the true gift that this rose conveys to individuals, the sense that you are being given a way of seeing and understanding all of the different forms of love.


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