Charles de Mills (rose/purple flowers) – Humility

This rose has the intention of producing a sense of courage within people to show themselves, to show their true nature, to take what is inside and bring it out. An obvious application is in the acting profession, particularly with method acting, where one utilizes pastlife experiences, experiences from early childhood, experiences of ones friends, to help shape ones character. As people show their own true nature, they begin to step back from it and look at themselves in a new light. But this beautiful rose can help the individual stay with those feelings, open to those energies, see themselves in their true God-light, see themselves as God would, deeply appreciate their intrinsic beauty, lovability, capacity to help, and most importantly, capacity to transform, to grow, and to evolve. These energies are usually those that when people contact them they are the most fear-provoking, and the most difficult ones for people to work with. This beautiful rose then helps to remind people of their own inherent beauty, allows them to forgive and love others, seeing that they truly did the best they could. The result of this is the emergence of a true deep humility, to understand their own place in the universe, to understand how such can allow them to bow their heads in deference to God and receive the highest wisdom and understanding of this.


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