Rosa Macrantha (Light Pink) – Acceptance

This rose has capacity to shift heart energy in a way that can unite chakras five, six, and seven with chakras three, two, and one, ways in which these energies more easily blend, and pathways established outside the body as well as inside, a sense of deeper acceptance of oneself, a willingness to love and understand others. However some of the specific blockages that are released can at times relate to attitudes, shifts in one?s consciousness where one is holding a particular judgment or opinion on others. This will usually be revealed either slowly by repeated use of the rose or quickly with a specific exercise to be that which is related to oneself. As above so below, as within so without, the law of reflection as it always holds is such that the judgment you would hold on someone else is a judgment not so much on you but on an aspect of yourself that you would like to be separate, that you would like to exclude or reduce. It is an aspect relating to a belief that you might have rejected about yourself at an early age or even in a past life. The opportunity to better accept this, to hold it in a different capacity, to see yourself differently, can often be a profound way of releasing a variety of blockages, and that this takes place in a welcoming, loving light. One might even say that it is an opportunity to heal the inner rejected self, the capacity that you disliked in yourself or were pushing away from yourself in this life often provides a variety of difficulties that you are not even consciously aware of. One way in which you can see the obvious influence of this is how you choose your friends. You will pick those people who will perhaps have those characteristics to a small degree, the characteristics that you would dislike in them as reflecting of course the characteristic you dislike in yourself. And yet you will note frequently individuals coming into your life that have that characteristic, that tend in that direction then to remind you so that you might look at this. As this rose is allowing this energy to come forth in a loving, helpful, accepting way, you may find that there are simple ways of shifting this in your relationships, that you may then better accept other people, and as a result learn from them, more deeply receive their gifts and what they have to share with you.


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