Rosa Alba (Maiden’s Blush, Blush Pink) – Releasing Shame

Maiden’s Blush has some interesting qualities relating to a deep sense of self, and ability to allow the energies of what might be termed the current of being or the essence of existence itself to make their way into the human consciousness, and allow people to sense this, and to feel it. Many times as this occurs, there are some big changes, people resisting this energy, primarily because of mistakes; some aspect of something they decided, but were unable to accomplish; or an energy that in some way was difficult, and some aspect of this unresolved. After repeated use, a realization comes suggesting that in the past indeed these energies of mistake or judgment were temporary, were there in order to help you understand the need for a midcourse correction or a change, but they do not inherently create a comment as to the basis of your being; those aspects are not to limit the energy that you manifest. There may be a feeling you do not deserve. This rose strongly stimulates the astral body; and pastlife connections to blocks may come up, relating to shame and other aspects that may have prevented this deeper awareness of subtler energies being available. With repeated use of this flower essence, the rose gradually confers a deep sense of lovability, of acceptance of this as the universal nature, of a willingness to know this sense of love within consciousness. It is extremely helpful to take this flower essence just before going to sleep, and invite a dream in which you might feel and sense God’s true nature in relation to you personally; this isn’t the same thing as asking God to do something, it is rather to help you understand your own beingness through God’s eyes. This is difficult for most people to ask for, so even just taking this flower essence before asking can be helpful.


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