Rosa Arkansana (Bright Red) – Acceptance

Rosa Arkansana does seem to provide for many individuals a newfound ability to love where love previously was denied. But gradually Rosa Arkansana allows an individual to accept that the love is there, that it is deeply within the person: that it has always been there, that it is something the person can draw on or accept more deeply. Typically, the reason an individual has not accepted or worked with some more conscious and available level of love is because of a past life experience. An obvious application for Rosa Arkansana in this time period is the inner city, places where there is little in the way of nature. When people use this essence, they may find themselves more easily inspired to bring more nature into city or urban environments, and find ways in which this most naturally and easily can be introduced, rather than those that are entirely separate places. In addition, as one begins to open this degree of more conscious love, one may begin to feel a deeper sadness where the love can be truly, deeply healing. Thus a good ritual with Rosa Arkansana is to cry, to allow the sense of love and sadness at the same time; leading one eventually to a place of much greater clarity, as if the tears have cleared ones vision and ones understanding of the entire process of accepting deeper love.


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