Rosa Ecae (yellow, Asia Minor, Turkestan) – Astral Balancer

This rose produces a number of helpful effects when one is seeking to cleanse and clear out the interface between the emotional and mental bodies; this cleansing or clearing reactivates buried energies in the mental body, and can be very helpful at releasing all kinds of stored stuck energies. These can be energies of past lives or future lives, but generally will relate to specific preconceived ideas that have been difficult for the individual to grapple with. This is a difficult matter to clear from many people?s consciousness because of the weight, be it of guilt, remorse, shame, or other negative emotions that the individual may be burying. This is where the emotional clearing is of some benefit as a result of Rosa Ecae. Though there are many emotional components to this, such as forgiveness or release of buried emotions of negative quality, it is more a mental attitude that shifts, a willingness to see things in a whole new context, a willingness to truly recognize that you did the best you could in a given circumstance.


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