Rosa Complicata – Easing Fear

Rosa complicata has important characteristics in easing fears that may come up in people unconsciously, helping them to receive them and know them, but also to be able to define them, to be able to more consciously work with them in ways that had been previously unknown. These will often relate to ones self image, the way in which one may have ideas about oneself that make one vulnerable to fears of others, that is, the ways in which other people’s fears are transferred. This often takes place unconsciously in childhood, and it is natural that children will tend to receive the fears of their parents. In addition though, Rosa complicata tends to help people in expanding this consciousness to bring love and assistance to others. It is particularly valuable when you become more aware of your own fears or habit patterns relating to fear, and see of how these energies may be unconsciously transferred to your children. Ways to solve this become easier, the sense of how to explain this, not necessarily to deny it or to change it, but to help the children understand that these energies are transferred. Other aspects of the willingness to love oneself and bring forth this love in working out childlike states with others, or appreciating deeply held beliefs in oneself is greatly aided by this elixir.


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