Krypton – Psychic Opening (faceted clear quartz bead)

Krypton can stimulate many psychic gifts in people. This can be quite dramatic. It will supply just the right push for people to reach the full potential of their somewhat dormant abilities. In addition, krypton can make one more aware of negative thought forms derived from past-life energies, that tend to be mysterious. Once brought into awareness these energies can be more easily dealt with and released. These mysterious qualities are symbolized by the combination of astrological influences concerning the planets Neptune and Uranus. The signature of krypton derives from its ability to bridge between the argon and xenon levels. Xenon is representative of very high and powerful energies most utilized throughout the galaxy. Argon is representative of the human life-stream and of the Earth. Krypton can clear confused mental states by bringing brain waves into greater synchronization. There can also be an improvement of memory function and a balancing of the right and leftbrain.


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Weight2 oz
Pendant Color

White, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, No Pendant/Coil