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The personal empowerment device is now available in a larger version which covers approximately 30 square feet. Please note that some people are more sensitive than others and may note an effect at a greater distance from the device, even more than 100 square feet. This can affect a healing space or center as well as a house or apartment. The idea is that when you come home or enter a space that contains this device all negative patterns are released. This is the perfect work space or home companion. When I moved into a new home whose previous occupant definitely left some energetic messes all over this device managed to clear the space immediately.Not only that but my family and I soon found ourselves free of some disturbing personal patterns. If you do healing work and you wish to keep your space in an energetically pristine manner this device really works wonders. If you are traveling or entering a particularly disturbed psychic space such as hospitals, court rooms, airports or others this OMNI device can be a miraculous helper. It clears spaces better than any other technology offered. Many emotional difficulties from night terrors or nightmares, emotional imbalances, long-entrenched, difficult patterns can be resolved using this.
Overall dimensions: 2.5 in. width x 5.75 in. height

Instructions for OMNI-Directional Inert Gas Device
Place device on its flat bottom on the floor.

The inert gas effect (sometime referred to as an energy field?) extends from the device in a hemispherical shape upward and to the sides in a 180? pattern, for a radial distance of approximately 15 feet (5 m.) to each side, and about 10 feet (3 m.) upwards. Therefore, maximum coverage is obtained by placing on the floor, as little effect is emitted downward.

The effect has been observed to penetrate through walls. Only Lead has been observed to block the effect.

The magnet inside is immersed in the inert gas. It cannot be turned off. If it is desired to stop the effect, remove the entire device 30 feet (10m.) or more away. Alternatively, since the element Lead has been observed to block the effect, the device can be placed inside a Lead bag, such as is available from photographic supply houses for protection of film from X-rays.

Some people choose to sleep near the device. This can produce interrupted or difficult sleep if one is too sensitive to the inert gas effect. Should this occur, move the device further away. As one gets used to the effect, one can bring the device closer. As it has been shown that a large portion of our healing takes place when we sleep, keeping the device near while sleeping would appear to make sense.


Please note: this device is often made to order. Processing time can take 1-2 months. Please contact us in advance if timing is of concern.


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