Argon – Transition (faceted peridot -green- zirconium bead)

Argon has its roots in energy. It symbolizes the transition energies that are now important for Earth. It is the most valuable gas for most individuals. The argon energy can be slightly stimulating over time. This can provide a general boost in inner strength and a deeper awareness of the power chakra or solar plexus area. Mankind is moving through an important condition of dramatic change and dealing with the power center in individuals is of tremendous importance right now. Argon is the most plentiful of the inert gases in the Earth?s atmosphere and this is its signature. There will be an awareness of what you have learned in the world, how this is influenced by love and the emotions in the first and second chakras, and how this is applied in your life. This is the level from which argon is working. Argon can be used by anyone with no side effects and many beneficial ones. It can release thought forms that have stood in the way of bringing more energy into the physical body. It is recommended for dealing with powerfully entrenched negative attitudes, blockages at the conscious level and psychological patterns that one wishes to change. Argon can increase the coordination of the mental body and spiritual body in working in concert with the aetheric body. We also offer a device that is 96% argon and 4% krypton. This has all the above qualities with a somewhat speeding up of karma as it is related to transition and emotional shift. Argon is used for those dealing with any issue around control, power, and transition.



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Weight2 oz
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White, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, No Pendant/Coil