White Light Spray – Multi-Level Transformation

4 fl.oz. – 120 ml.
A powerful combination, that with continued use, will provide an enhanced ability to receive energies from many levels simultaneously. A gradual energizing of the individual with a speeding up of karma can be realized with a deeper level of thought, healing and creativity. The manifestation of many different forms of energy to assist the healing process, by bringing in different patterns, new ways of thinking and new aspects of consciousness can result from utilizing this spray. There can be greater abilities for individuals to toss out impeding energies that have long been blocking them. Greater aliveness, greater consciousness, and greater awareness can physically manifest using this mixture. A greater ability to work with the five chakras above the head can also be established and integrated. A greater awareness or sensitivity to vibration can be realized by the use of this spray, so beings that do not always feel the effects of vibrational remedies can use the spray for a few weeks, prior to taking essences internally, for a more noticeable effect. By using Sirius elixir in tandem with this spray there can be an even greater benefit.
Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of the following: Angels Trumpet, Bear Grass, English Daisy, Jasmine, Lotus, White Diamond, White Quartz, White Star Quartz, Yarrow White, Xenon.
Aroma free.


Additional information

Weight7.85 oz
Dimensions1.8 × 1.8 × 5.5 in