School Spray

4 fl.oz – 120ml.
These mixtures of flower, gem, and element elixirs have been shown to enhance, memory, focus, and IQ. Spray a small amount on hands and then apply to the forehead. Instant school wizard. Use this to help you pay attention and learn.
Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and the vibrational formulas of Banyan Tree, Bloodroot, Buttercup, Cashew, Clove, Coffee, Dogwood, Fennel, Ginseng, Papaya, Rosa Banksia, Yerba Mate, Apophyllite, Ruby, Scorodite, White Diamond, Krypton, Oxygen, Ozone, and Xenon.
Aroma free.


Additional information

Weight7.85 oz
Dimensions1.8 × 1.8 × 5.5 in