Big & Strong Spray

4 fl.oz. – 120 ml.
The purpose of this spray is two-fold, the first being for children to maximize their potential for growth, strength, and muscular development. Second, for practitioners of all sports to maximize strength and performance. With the use of tall, strong and flexible trees, plants, minerals and elements, these qualities transfer into the water solution. The formula would help the body overcome internal muscle issues, assisting in the excretion of a variety of materials that block muscle development. Allowing a greater connection between consciousness and musculature will assist in the removal of various waste products from the muscle building process. With increased awareness and concentration, this formula would allow a reduced tendency toward accidents. If used up to an hour before physical activity, by sitting quietly for 3 minutes contemplating the physical activity to come, communicating with the muscles and other body parts, there will be less of need to manifest mishaps as a way of learning certain lessons. Be sure to spray this right before an activity as well as immediately afterwards. This formula can be used effectively by people and animals of all ages. Please note, resistance to growth patterns may be present unconsciously in parents, so there will be benefit for the parents to utilize this formula with their children.
Ingredients: Almond, Bamboo, Hops, Jojoba, Mango, Pecan, Redwood, Rock Rose-cistus, Wheat, Alunite, Pentlandite, Helium, Neon, Molybdenum, Titanium.
Aroma free.


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