Upsilon Andromedae – DNA Shift

Upsilon Andromedae has some fascinating properties because this is a place of much experimentation and interaction with a wide variety of biological lifeforms, as this is a relatively large system with 15 planetary bodies capable of supporting life, and a significant number of these in which various experiments have been going on for quite some time.

It is a sort of proving ground in which a variety of different advanced civilizations have utilized a variety of techniques from the more physical to the nonphysical in order to influence or create life. In this creation there has been a focus in one of the planets on physical life. The physical aspects of this relate to the ability of a few of the beings working with this to understand the DNA in a direct fashion, a sort of merging or powerful interactivity takes place.

People utilizing elixir of Upsilon Andromedae may begin to notice that they have a direct understanding of the reasoning, the higher purpose behind their own genetic tendencies. This is difficult to see at first, one would recognize simply that you inherited the characteristics of your parents and their lineages. But oftentimes the individual in selecting the body that they are coming into chooses it not only because of those characteristics but also because of the possibility that they will be able to understand those characteristics.

Therefore it would be helpful for individuals in using this elixir to ask the question: what adaptation can be performed in my body that I would find helpful at this time? Be careful in answering this question not to take on something too big. It may be helpful as people are able to work with these energies that they discover in themselves new frames of reference, new ways of understanding and seeing it, and they may discover as a result of this entirely different forms of communication with the cellular structures, ways in which they can understand and welcome their own bodies more than ever before.

Naturally this elixir would be extremely helpful in working with children, particularly children in utero, allowing the mother better communication with the developing fetus and ability to intercommunicate.


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