M21 (Star Cluster in Sagittarius) – Living in Harmony

This elixir can assist beings in the contemplation of increased global population and the inherent difficulties. It can help many to accept each other to live in peace, but also to find the positive side to this, the opportunity for far greater understanding, deeper appreciation, and deeper joy in the diversities and in the higher population levels. This is the ability to see each other incarnated at the same time and to welcome this, to see of the ways in which people can live together even under what would be seen as crowded conditions, in a place where they can accept and learn to share with each other appropriately. This ability to accept each other in close environments, to reduce stress in areas of overcrowding, to welcome the larger number of souls to come into existence more consciously, are important attributes that M21 confers.Of course the future selves, those beings far in humanity’s future who are at such a place where all 50 billion are in incarnation together, project a positive helpful energy to people now, an energy of deeper appreciation for each other, love, peace, and encouragement to share the resources of the planet most appropriately, and M21 enhances the ability to receive this positive helpful energy from your future self.


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