Tegemi (Zeta Cancri) – Gratitude

After a long and tumultuous history of war between two of the planets, they came to a place a sense of reverence, of a great sense of gratefulness, the opportunity to survive, to live, to continue. This gratitude aspect is one that they eventually recognized as the most important within their own civilization; they understood how this energy could multiply and assist them. And when they eventually made contact with other races and recognized the techniques that they were being beamed with from other stars, they naturally took this aspect and put it into their own star, that both of these yellow-orange suns broadcast this energy to each other, to all beings in the galaxy.

It is not just the sense of gratefulness, a gratitude to be alive, a willingness to share together and so on; it is a sense of reverence for the cosmos, for the universe, for the opportunities that are given to all beings in coming to a place of consciousness, of respect for each other, of learning. These can be helpful energies for people who find themselves in difficult situations where they need to grow and learn through that sense of gratitude, where such a sense would be valuable to them in how they approach and assist other people. But it is as if this sense somehow might be connected to a much larger whole, to something of the nature of life itself that Tegemi has to offer to many people to bring to them this deeper sense of aliveness in its connection to the aliveness of all beings in all ways.

With this elixir, there is an opening of the heart, fourth chakra is transformed, there is a sense of its connection to the upper and lower chakras, all blending, all moving together. There is some benefit to the circulatory system. The hands and arms are particularly stimulated and strengthened. The study of mudras or movement of the hands to create different energies in the body is enhanced.


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