Tau Ceti – Spiritual Transcendence

The energy from this place can bring a sense of a transcendence of the material form, as if the ability to leap from what could be termed spiritual materialism to a true sense of spirituality is made more present for many people. This can be especially important in times in which the confusion in values around materialism and spirituality takes place easily for people, a time like now.The elixir may bring a sense of peace, of rest, a time in which individuals may release stress. Some people who have difficulty with abductions or difficult dreams about alien beings will benefit from taking Tau Ceti. The majority of people will experience a sense of release from de-evolutionary qualities.Individuals may benefit in many different ways by taking the star essence; but not the least of this is an attunement to an evolutionary quality, a willingness to co-create; and this would be not just from the star, but from the whole shared energy associated with this star system. The unusual signature of this star indicates a way of transcendence out of paths of materialism utilized for spiritual functioning, thus into higher evolutionary paths, deeper awareness of relationship with many other beings, and ultimately, a co-creativity with all of the higher forces of your galaxy for the development of new forms of physical existence in the galaxy.


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