Pallas – Higher Truth

Pallas has some contact with some of those beings that were more far seeing and aware of the potentials for some of the destructive capabilities that would eventually come to this planet, Maldek. Before it was destroyed it was part of the continent that was in the northern part of the planet; and this is not exact, because it is a variated chunk of rock, but some portions of it did extend upwards into that continent.

The name of that continent was Veronay, and it was a place in which there was greater attention on aspects of truth, higher understanding and awareness from a number of different higher levels. A greater attentiveness to the energy of truth is a natural vibration that moves from the light of the sun reflected from Pallas; and it will assist individuals who seek to understand higher truths in themselves. This will align them with angels and higher vibrational beings who are sometimes reticent or reluctant to allow their energies to interfere with humans, because the deeper truths that they would be exposed to might be energies that humans would find distracting or objectionable, or perhaps the truths would be too difficult and bring them to a condition of guilt, remorse, struggle, etc.

Various resistances to the energies of truth are quite common in people; and though they would seem on the surface to be primarily fear-based, they are actually deeper, energy that is ego-based. The ego-based difficulties have to do with the individual letting go of their sense of individuality, blending or merging with a much larger whole.

Humanity?s own development along this line has been intensely focused on individuality for many thousands of years, yet the great seekers, great enlightened ones on your planet over and over have recognized the fallacy behind this, and the ability to let go of ones individuality to understand the larger consciousness is a very important aspect of personal growth.

This higher truth would be the one that would be most concentrated on at the current time by Pallas?s energy: the ability to let go of individuality that does not serve, to allow the ego to step aside and assist with understanding higher truths that could be brought by angels or higher vibrational guides, this would summarize Pallas?s assisting energies at this time. This can be of some benefit in assisting right and left brain connection; and can be of some assistance with the chakras of the sixth, seventh, and eighth.


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