NGC 6027 – New Awareness

This group of galaxies indeed has formed a much closer knit, and from the point of view of the civilizations involved, interconnected whole. The opportunity to be inspired by this by gazing up into the night sky has been shared amongst civilizations within these galaxies for a long time. Many of them having developed to a certain point, evolved and moved into areas that are essentially non-physical, maintaining very little in the way of contact with anything physical, including planets within this area. But some beings have remained simply to be a part of this larger connectivity, this ability to share energies in ways that are for them quite commonplace, but for other beings in other civilizations and in other parts of the universe, a rare occurrence. As these energies are shared, something of a commonality and an opportunity to manifest energies is all known, but many of these energies as they come through bring a sense of evolution that allows the individual in recognizing inherent connectivity, a sort of oneness amongst all, to naturally let go of it, to move on to much higher vibrational levels, move on to areas that cannot be described at anything that you might be familiar with. It is this acceptance of your own evolution towards that which is essentially non-physical, that would generally be assisted by this group of galaxies. In addition, as these energies have formed together, they are co-creating a new energy, something that cannot yet be easily described. Where you have an interest in something entirely new, the formation of a new society perhaps, a new way of government perhaps, a new form of community, this thing that you cannot really understand or work with because it has not come into form yet, this would be assisted very much. The elixir of this group of galaxies could potentially bring forward new possibilities that had never been on your planet, and do so in ways that involve communication, community, assistance between individuals, and so on.


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