M101 (Ursa Major) – Manifesting Miracles

This galaxy has within it, as each galaxy of course, a wide variety of civilizations, energies of different types, and so on. However there are several with a great deal of attention on the whole business of becoming conscious, not the process that you are familiar with on Earth with the idea of the kingdom of the air, the initial manifestation of coming into matter, but the very idea of consciousness separate from all dimensionality and all physicality allowed to come to a place of a tipping point in which it then manifests physically. When this occurs there is often a huge explosion, the energetic explosion moving out in many directions usually creates an inward energy or a consciousness implosion that draws in all kinds of matter and enables the manifestation of new matter. When this occurs there is a bursting forth of that which will eventually come into form as an actual physical presence. Having the opportunity to explore this and learn about it has given rise to a whole set of ideas that could be termed the rules of creation. And indeed a variety of races at very different levels of evolution and on many different worlds in M101 have indeed looked at this, brought into consciousness the rules of creation, come to understand them and work with them in different ways. Aspects relating to freedom, aspects of interconnectivity and the ability to respond to other energies that are nearby, the sort of developments necessary to take on form and to work with choices around dimensionality, these sorts of rules might be best understood. This is one of the important lessons of M101 for most people: the ability in the new found creativity, to have a sense of comfort, of confidence, of a sense of having always been there or been able to work with that. Not just familiarity because you already know it, but familiarity at the underlying energy or essence level. This creativity can at times lead you into things that would seem way outside your comfort zone, areas that you are normally unfamiliar with or those which push the boundaries of how you think of yourself. And this is generally a very good thing and usually will be that which has a bleed over effect into all areas of your life, encouraging you at times to take risks, nothing here huge, but enough that it might bring into your life something new and wonderful, a possibility, a new energy, and so on. Subsets of this energy relate to miracles, that which is really that which is perhaps already occurring or common under some circumstances, but is considered special or different because of your lack of familiarity with it. The opportunity for you to manifest a miracle in your life via an entirely new pathway or context you had not previously conceived possible, something shows up that you would certainly enjoy and have positive feelings around and would ultimately be helpful. Lastly there does appear within this to be some healing functions, particularly for the areas where left and right brain link up through the brain, and parts of the spine and indeed the entire nervous system, there does seem to be benefit from M101, gazing at it, inviting the creative energies, and especially by taking the elixir.


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