M82 (Interacting Galaxy with M81, in Ursa Major) – Potential

M82 elixir can help individuals understand the true nature of unborn potential, the aspect by which tremendous energy can seem to be available in nothingness. Though there are paradoxes rife throughout this understanding, it is a Zen-like appreciation that often results from repeated use of M82. It can be used well with the elixir M81 to create a deeper connecting energy relating to one specific being, an extraterrestrial guide or helper, a being that is from one of these places.As these galaxies have been interacting for a very long time, their combined energies are full of potential, and bring all kinds of new possibilities for people. This can provide a new way to see each other, to love each other, a way to transform one’s marriage or one’s interaction with other people, with pets, or with the Earth, or perhaps even a capacity to approach life from a whole new direction. This ability to shift context is only a tiny component of this energy, but is clearly helpful to humanity at the current time. With continued use of these elixirs, there can be a powerful blending of higher chakra forces, with the eleventh and twelfth chakras particularly swirled, blended, and worked with for most people.


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