M65 – Empowerment

This is a very interesting area of space to put ones attention on because within this galaxy is an advanced federation, group, organization difficult to describe in human terms and yet be accurate, but a network. And in this was initially an understanding that a representative of each civilization would be put forward in order to create a coordinated energy, effort, and understanding. At first this was a difficult undertaking. Many areas of this have been explored in some of Earth?s science fiction: the prime directive, the issue of more advanced civilizations over others, spiritual issues, multi-dimensional issues, issues where beings from one planet cannot physically coexist with those from another, etc, etc. However these are rather trivial matters by comparison to what beings distributed in several locations in M65 had to deal with. It took a long time to come to a deeper awareness of this, but it appeared that having a single representative bringing forth what the civilization felt was most important was the way to go. Oftentimes a blip or pulse from this galaxy is sent into space with the deliberate idea of working with children, with the young ones in any civilization anywhere in the universe with the idea that it might somehow be a shifted energy. Now we haven?t spoken about this very much because it is a very complex matter. The energization of solar matter, any sun to broadcast a concept, an idea, a way, a feeling?this is something we have spoken of. But what when many suns are energized simultaneously, things far beyond simply an amplification effect take place: a resonant wave can be created. The wave can be much more powerful than any of the suns separately as a synergism takes place. And at the same time unique and different qualities about each of those suns can also be a part of this wave of energy. So in this sense, seeing anew, feeling that energy as if you had never felt it before, awakening to something beautiful, unique, but also connected to a sense of empowerment, something strong or clear like a sun, this energy is available to you. Now we don?t say as a star, because most people would conceive of the star as so far away; but the idea of it as a sun, as that which is close to you, as that which is providing radiant light, energy, strength, this is closer to the underlying idea. Now this is not to say by any means that M65 is focused in any particular area. And it would seem that many energies of all kinds of important aspects are available. In particular those that would seem to be most lacking in a human would be those that would be most accessible from M65. So higher degree of intelligence, reduction of egoic thinking, reduction of fear, bringing a greater sense of love and connectivity, and the ability with tolerance to deeply appreciate and draw forth from other human beings their talents and capabilities, these would all be important attributes that M65 can provide for people on Earth. This elixir can combine well with any other single star in elixir form to bring a greater understanding of the organizing principle with that star, thus amplifying the effect greatly.


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