M62 (Globular Cluster in Scorpius) – Superconductivity

This is an area that is utilized by a number of higher helpful beings for the creation of waves of energy to proceed all throughout the galaxy for the specific purpose of allowing a harmonization between the stars, for the stars to better understand themselves and each other. People of course would benefit from this in the better understanding of their connection to Earth, to each other, to the Sun, and to all of the planets in the solar system. Individuals beginning to understand astronomy, astrology, the use of starlight elixirs, vibrational remedies at any level that relate to aspects that are beyond their normal consciousness, all would benefit by M62. These beings have studied healing modalities for the purpose of better understanding all healing mechanisms in all beings, understanding where points of resistance have been encountered and why individuals would seek those points of resistance, and how they may be shifted or changed; thus M62 can give insight into the entire healing process.


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