M38 (Star Cluster in Auriga) – Religious Discernment

M38 has uplifting qualities, primarily from transformed dogmatic religions still associated with some of the planets. Most of the beings have gone on way beyond this to a deep understanding of God. They have also recognized that former levels of ignorance and struggle with various limited religious forms provided at once positive and helpful loving energies, compassionate energies, assisting energies, but at the same time many limiting energies, ways in which people were not so easily able to understand the larger intent of their religion, their beliefs, and of course their fears. Once this is better understood, it is hoped that a deeper forgiveness and awareness of the underlying energies will be made available for many people, the result being a rebalancing of what has gone wrong in the past.At the deeper level, M38 of course assists all beings in understanding their desire for faith, for understanding energies that are beyond that of the consciousness of the world, and as a result can also help people understand unifying principles across all religions, and from this a deeper appreciation of each other, a deeper sense of love.


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