Gamma Leporus – Celebration

This star does provide some fascinating and helpful energies with regards to a sense of celebration, as has occurred for several civilizations associated with different locations in Earth; for instance many in the south sea islands, celebration becomes very important. Eventually though this reaches a point where every day is perceived as a celebration.

When this was indicated as part of this group, there was a sense that something needed to be changed, one could not simply keep up such level of deep appreciation, celebration, awakening, energy of an emotional nature and so on, every day. Then what was incorporated were workdays, a day in which one would put ones energy away from celebration. The result was that during those days a reversed energy became part of the civilization, in which one had a deep appreciation for the opportunity to work.

This became so important to beings associated with this planet that they began to recognize it as a great and important gift to all beings, that it could be used for healing, how in celebrating one is able to go away from the old patterns, find new ones that are connected to the collective consciousness in a very positive and loving way, but without the trappings of thought or laws or ideas as imposed by the civilization, but the sense of a pure loving, emotional, or higher vibrational energy.

This celebratory energy could be that which people could access, the star could help them with this, but most importantly is the idea that they would be encouraged to discover their own celebrations, their own way of enjoying the collective, and bring these into consciousness more easily.


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