Denebokab (Delta Aquilae) – Nerve Function

This star appears to have the ability to moderate energy in the nervous system. This appears to be fairly likely to assist somewhat in individuals with certain nervous system disorders. This appears to have the capacity to do this because there is in that local area of space a speedup of energetic function, as if the constants associated with your awareness of physical reality are different.

Many individuals, particularly those who have contracted these nervous system disorders in the last few years, are experiencing this because of some reaction to the resistance involved in the galactic shift, the movement of Earth and related star systems into this galactic energy. Delta Aquilae appears to have already transited through this and adapted well, and has been involved in seeing ways in which this energy can be transmitted appropriately to other stars to assist them in their journey.

Along the way, several beings associated with other star systems, including some from the Pleiades, some from Aldebaran, some from Arcturus, have worked together in bringing some of these forms of broadcast to the star, and have then launched this as a broadcasting network to assist individuals dealing with the connections of time and space, this occurring within their own physical bodies; and this especially then focusing in human beings in the nervous system.


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