Charra (Beta Canum Venaticorum) – Time Shift

This star does seem to have important benefits, as it has become a sort of nexus of accumulation of high vibrational electrical energy. This appears to have capacity to change consciousness in an instant.

One of the important lessons that has been discussed and worked with amongst those associated with the fourth planet is that of time, the nature of time, how it works, time travel not so much because of the difficulties of this, certainly as you are well familiar with from your science fiction and other attributes in western civilization?s development in Earth?s civilization, but time compression, expansion or dilation, opportunity to shift it on many levels.

It has been seen how humanity?s ability to work with this could be altered in a positive and helpful way, yet the full understanding of this should be gentle, it should come to humanity a little at a time. So for a while at least, the emanations from this star will be for individuals to see how they might have a better relationship to time themselves, to feel it more easily amongst their own family relationships, interaction with other people, and so on, with the particular application of knowing that there is enough time to accomplish what is needed, to grow, to learn, to love, but what ever it is that could indeed be manifested within the capacity for individuals to have a sense of themselves growing, their opportunity to have an awareness of so many different aspects of their own consciousness is very strongly compressed when they think there isn?t enough time, they can?t possibly accomplish everything they need to.

Time can be shifted; you have the experience of this in dreams. It is an intriguing and persistent issue for people that their sense of time is changed dramatically when they dream. But one of the great lessons from this civilization is for you to have a sense of grace, of an opportunity to experience time in a way that is most appropriate for you, not for how you think the world needs to respond to you, but how you may know this and you may have a deeper sense of opportunity, love, compassion, caring, and assistance for yourself.


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