Ain (Epsilon Tauri) – Gaia Understanding

Ain [Epsilon Tauri] Gaia Understanding Ain has sixteen planets orbiting it that have been with it for a long time. Geologists who have investigated this system have found a wide variety of unusual materials in some of these planets. Beings from other parts of the galaxy have investigated and worked with some of the materials found in these planets, and from this have been able to reconstruct and make interesting records and understanding about many aspects of planetary geology, attunements between stars, various connections to center of galaxy and many other things.

One of the planets, known as ?Moreeshta? has had an interesting history in itself that relates to a high degree of intelligent cooperation and understanding between sentient beings such as humanoid and various human beings, and various other structures?planets, stars, asteroids, comets. This is an interesting area of study. Most people in their attunement to Gaia have awareness of her needs, capacity to interact with the plants, animals, and people who inhabit her, but at the same time do not really understand her intrinsic nature. Part of this group of planets and Moreeshta especially is devoted to this deeper level of understanding, a capacity within which people can come to see, feel, hear, various aspects of consciousness with the planets. An understanding of this with relationship to Mars and Venus would be helpful to many people; to use elixir of Ain in order to assist this seems obvious.

Use of Ain elixir would naturally encourage people to tune in better to earth, to their own sense of their connection to Earth, and the various ways in which earth connection has affected their own reality. Sometimes this can be shocking, people having a great deal of difficulty receiving what Earth is trying to say, finding that they had perhaps years in the past of study and understanding about Earth herself, and in this reality they are ignoring what this has as an implication for philosophy, for deeper communication, for love, for spiritual attunement.


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