Achird (Eta Cassiopeiae) – Soothing Vibes

This star is one in which a number of humans have spent a fair amount of time on its fifth planet. It has provided a point of rest and integration for many humans in the process of transmigration from one society to another. It is sort of a hospital/rest-stop where people can access the ability to look back on their lives and raise vibration to the point of preparation for another life associated with a planet very different than Earth. Representatives from many star systems with a close tie with human beings are represented here. Sirians, Arcturians, El Nathians, and Pleiadians are among those to bring soothing vibrations into people. The main mechanism for this is currently through music. This is music of higher vibrational realities, like angelic choir music. Tuning into this star can be valuable for those working with old age or approaching transition. This elixir can stir memory of valuable lessons and realizations from past-life recollections. Achird can assist one in attuning to the higher artistic realms, helping one to see oneself in a higher vibratory manner.


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