Rosa Woodsii (Mountain Rose, Pink) – Energetic Connection

This rose has helpful characteristics for enabling better person-to-person contact, communication, and awareness. For most individuals, there is an outreach, as if a subtle energy connection that reaches out to others for whom you have any degree of awareness–as soon as you know about the person, as soon as you become aware of them, this subtle tendril of energy extends. For most individuals, the energy extends from the naval area, integrating energies from the second and third chakra. These will relate to emotional connection, specific connections with relationship to business or pleasure, and an ability to see your self in someone else. Rosa woodsii tends to bring this into consciousness for the individual: Why am I interested in that person? What is there about that person that can reflect some aspect of my being? How may I learn from this relationship? Many who are very introverted are also very sensitive; they are tuning into a higher energy, an energy of similarity or of oneness between that person and the other, and here this rose will help one understand this and welcome it is a strength. At a higher vibrational level, one can perceive the god-nature in another being, and see of its intrinsic lovability. This helps you so much with negotiation, because you see somebody else’s point of view, you understand their consciousness, their desires, their needs; and you are then able to meet them halfway, or even a place where all of the parties negotiating can get out of it what they really want. Perceiving this deeper level sometimes involves letting go of aspects of yourself to truly see the other person as deeply lovable, and then yourself as lovable too. Feeling this unconditional lovability is the highest and most beautiful use of Rosa woodsii.


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