Rosa Stellata (Mauve) – Vibrational Reception

This rose has capacity to encourage communication with guides and helpers, to allow new sources of coherent well-integrated information to be better transmitted, as if one's antennae are strengthened. There is some release of inherent belief patterns blocking some of these energies. Fears will be eased, and for some individuals, better understood. Some of these fears may relate to others getting too close; fear of intimacy, in particular, is relieved by Rosa stellata. Gradually, an individual will be better able to speak a personal truth regardless of the consequences; and the result of this is profound, enhancing telepathy, enhancing contact with other beings, but most importantly, with guides and helpers. In addition, Rosa stellata allows an individual to see through the eyes of ones guides, to see things from a higher point of view; sometimes this will have profound effects on an individual, helping an individual to see things they had previously held back.


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