Burgundy Rose – Divine Purpose

Burgundy Rose (Rosa Centifolia Parviflora – pink/violet)
Opens the crown chakra, and ones understanding their divine purpose. It stimulates the dream state. Of note is the way in which as the crown chakra opens, a powerful connection is often made to the heart chakra. It is as if the energies of love and connection with others are spiritualized, brought into a higher vibratory pattern, which allows you to understand better how you love and how you are loved by others. The more you focus it on others, on a caring that is genuine compassion, the more it opens then to a much higher love, a sense that you are deeply loved, nourished, held in God?s arms, a sense that this energy is natural, and you can easily breathe it and allow it to heal and strengthen you on many levels. Divine purpose is a very interesting concept. It is that which all people know intrinsically if they just think about it from the point of view of if there was for you a higher purpose than merely that of your interaction with your fellow humans and living your own life and making your own way and learning your own lessons, what might that be? Something that contributes to the greater good of all of humanity certainly seems to be available for those who would trust that such divine purpose actually exists. But to have a sense of this, this is much more difficult. This flower essence is able to help individuals have that as a more direct and assimilable experience. In addition to this, one can often take this into many states of consciousness. Thus one may be better able to remember this from the dream state or bring it back from other states of consciousness. But it is not so much the specific energy; it is the feeling that this is natural, that this is a way of being, that you can more easily receive this and know it.


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