Rosa Paul’s Scarlet Climber (medium red) – Practical Help

An interesting plant, conferring to people the capacity to bring energy strongly into a situation, using love to shift and change things where necessary. Generating karma will be the typical way in which people will use this energy initially, but with Paul?s Scarlet Climber they can better understand the karma that will be created, find the ways to better minimize it. When action is needed of a loving nature, but the action is that which needs to be conferred rapidly?medical care of an emergency nature, rescue remedy applications, all of these amenable to Paul?s Scarlet Climber as an essence. This rose essence bringing to people ability to hold firm as energies shift and change, and find throughout all of this something that is clearly out of balance. Devas associated with Paul?s Scarlet Climber have energy within them to confer various capacities to perceive karmic repercussions, understand how love could shift an energy, how looking at things differently, stepping back, taking a different course, communicating accurately and so on might be helpful both to the child and the to adult. As a result, accident prone children often need to be better attuned to the very nature of the energy that they are broadcasting, drawing to themselves as a result these actions, since it is the only way they seem to be able to easily learn. A gentle energy would be conferred, helping them to look a little more carefully and understand what they are doing, and at the same time receive more consciously the beneficial loving tutelage and guidance as by example of the adults, and especially parents, who usually wish only the best for them.


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