Old Blush China Rose (blush pink, China) – Wisdom and Mercy

This rose indeed does derive from many naturally occurring blendings, and can be traced in its roots way back into ancient Chinese history. In more recent times, its development was focused on important attitudes of greater wisdom and awareness with regards to how to direct and utilize love for the highest and best in society. This was awakened in Confucian times, where wisdom was tempered with mercy and deeper levels of understanding. For individuals who recognize their own consciousness with regards to ancient lives lived in China, it is wise to utilize Old Blush China in elixir form, for their own capacity to connect to their past lives and realize or draw on their wisdom from these lives, and in some way make this available at a positive and helpful level for those individuals now alive in China. In the meantime, for most people, tuning into their own past lives associated with China, or awareness of an important sense in themselves, of balance and beauty, and how that energy might be appropriately utilized in relationship, to assist others, in various ways to learn balanced, even caring ways of love, this rose will be very helpful.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in