Rosa Hugonis (yellow, China) – Practical Visions

This rose appears to stimulate some of the solar aspects and bring some sense of sunlight energy as it is transferred naturally into people, as is to some extent present in all yellow plants. But Rosa Hugonis appears to bring this sense of solar vision, the awareness of the sun?s ability to see the far-reaching aspects of humanity, of Earth, of the solar system, of many aspects of its interaction. Brought down to a more material level, that which is more practical, such energies would naturally relate to anything having to do with communication and the ability to take these larger visions and put them into a form in which they can be expressed. In addition, Rosa Hugonis appears to be repeatedly able to give people a very sophisticated point of view of things, seeing things from many levels and being patient at letting all of the energy come in, until finally it is crystallized, strengthened, and able to be shared more consciously. Rosa Hugonis will stimulate any gem elixir, making it a little easier to absorb and work with any gem. It also is quite helpful for individual?s learning how to express where they had not before, even for children learning writing or bringing some of the solar energies of expression and clarity more easily into focus for themselves.


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Weight2.91 oz
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